Sweven will be headquartered in San Francisco, California
Sweven will be headquartered in San Francisco, California.

March 22, 2021 | San Francisco

Sweven Global Operations will be headquartered in San Francisco, California, operating as "C" Level Incorporated Company as "Sweven Inc" with its delivery center in India. Sweven Digital Private Ltd. will be incorporated as an Indian company with delivery and engineering functions for serving global customers. The San Francisco based Sweven will offer high performance consulting services focussed on Salesforce Platform and Ecosystems. Sweven will build industry-specific CRM by accessing the best talent and building on its 1000+ person-years of CRM Prowess.

Sweven chose San Francisco as its headquarters, closer to Salesforce Tower as the city offers top-notch talent required for Salesforce Practice's growth.

About Sweven

Sweven is a brand new company with 1000+ Man years of CRM and Customer Experience Proficiency. We branched out to craft a new story of Sweveners — The dreamers and doers. Sweven will be addressing and capitalizing on the growing Salesforce Digital Economy currently estimated to be a US$1 Trillion Opportunity. Sweven will also tap another US$1 Trillion Experience Economy delivering Industry-specific specialized CRM Platforms powered by Salesforce.

Headquartered in the San Francisco region, Sweven has its people working in UK, Europe, Australia and India.

The Action-packed Sweven Team accelerates the pivot to growth from design right through to execution, working on clear and transparent targets our customers have in mind. The core team exhibits a "how might we" mindset, combined with a track record of solving the most demanding challenges with ease and codifying success quickly.

For more information, visit www.sweven.com